New Carlisle, IN
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The Ideal Choice

The Navistar Proving Grounds is the ideal choice for anyone requiring an independent, safe, confidential, and comprehensive test and development environment. Depending on customer needs, Navistar has the resources to perform a wide variety of tests, or provide support to customers that desire to perform their own testing. Learn More


Services We Offer

  • Three-mile oval, durability events, skid pad, and grades on- and off-road
  • Accelerated structural and powertrain durability testing and mileage accumulation
  • Noise pass-by testing,
  • fuel economy evaluation
  • On-site and off-site vehicle testing and data acquisition
  • On-site support for electric powered vehicles (EV’s), including charging stations
  • On-site support for alternative fuel powered vehicles (including CNG, Hydrogen, Propane)

    Brake Testing | Specialized Durability Testing | Specialized Vehicle Testing | Instrumentation & Data Acquisition