Navistar Media Library

Common Goal with Longry Wang

"We reimagine every day by bringing feedback from our customers." Longry Wang, Associate Director of Planning and Operations, Product Development shares how her and her team work together toward a common goal. 

Collaboration with Frankie Jones

"It’s not about what we do, it’s how we do it – that is our purpose." Frankie Jones, Vice President, People & Culture Operations talks about collaboration and paying attention to the planet, colleagues and communities as the backbone for a purpose driven company.

Safe Space with Erick Hacking

"I’ve always been driven to keep the company compliant." Erick Hacking, Manager, IT, Software Assets believes, in reference to Navistar’s LGBTQ+ resource group, that everyone who walks in the door should be able to be themselves and if so, can feel comfortable to reimagine things better.

Fostering Innovation with Gary Mascetti

"Knowing the purpose of the company allows us to be able to align our goals." Gary Mascetti, Executive Planning and Programs Lead, Sales, Marketing and Aftersales discusses supporting the field and how this fosters innovation which adds value to the company and value to what we do.

Vision with Teik-Khoon Tan

"We are always looking for new features and new things to do that matter to people." Teik-Khoon Tan, Senior Technical Specialist, Advanced Technologies says a purpose-driven company has a vision that all employees, whatever they are doing, has meaning and aligns to that vision.

Paying it Forward with Frederique Klein

"We are more than the sum of the individual pieces." Frederique Klein, Finance Director, North American Truck was tasked with assessing how different functions impact the business and the connection this has on a higher level.

Shared Understanding with James Curry

"Being part of a purpose-driven company means we all know why we are coming to work every day because we are all working towards the same thing," said James Curry, User Experience Lead, Navistar Digital Experience. "We can build trusting relationships in that common purpose."

Empowering the Next Generation with Ana Salcido

"A purpose-driven company creates a culture for employees to think outside the box." Ana Salcido, Technician Recruitment Manager, Dealer Service Development has helped to nurture and grow relationships between Navistar’s dealer network and technical schools through an equipment donation program which helps students engage in careers that they love.

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