Where we build the best trucks, buses and engines in the world.

With more than 12,000 employees, Navistar is a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses and engines. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of Class 4 through 8 trucks and buses in North America. Navistar uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and operates under lean principles that make operator’s jobs safer and more efficient. Our Manufacturing teams are on the frontlines building our vehicles and work collectively to competitively build our vehicles, run our plants and win in the market.  
Springfield Assembly Plant
Springfield, Ohio

The following trucks are built at the Springfield Assembly Plant (SAP): the CV-GM Vista Light Duty (Commercial Vocational); the MV-Medium Duty (Medium Vocational); and the HV-Heavy Duty (Heavy Vocational). We have a cab assembly and stamping facility; a paint facility; an assembly plant and a Truck Specialty Center nearby. We currently employ approximately 1300 UAW represented employees onsite and approximately 150 non-represented salaried employees.
Tulsa Bus Plant
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Bus Plant manufactures school buses and commercial buses on multiple capacity chassis with several engine types. Typical CE Series buses have capacity of 29 – 78 passengers and are built with diesel, propane and gasoline engines. RE (Rear Engine) Series models have capacity up to 90 passengers and are built with Cummins L9 diesel engines. Our buses are built with the highest safety and quality standards in the industry.  

Huntsville Engine Plant
Huntsville, Alabama

The Huntsville Engine Plant (HEP) is a technologically advanced engine manufacturing facility. The highly flexible engine assembly line utilizes error-proofing and in-process quality audit stations to build quality product in station. HEP currently supplies Navistar vehicle assembly plants in Springfield, Ohio and Escobedo, Mexico.  Navistar, Inc. is dedicated to consistently delivering reliable and durable products with superior value to our customers.
Escobedo Assembly Plant
Escobedo, Mexico

Escobedo Assembly Plant (EAP) produces a full range of Class 8 vehicles. It has constructed more units than any other manufacturing plant in Mexico since opening in 1998. Subassemblies are produced for our trucks here, making us internal suppliers for our own production lines and other Navistar manufacturing plants in the U.S. 

Mfg_San Antonio_650x320
San Antonio Manufacturing Plant

San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio Manufacturing Plant will support Navistar goals by efficiently building high quality Class 6 through 8 diesel and electric vehicles. The new 900,000-square-foot industry-leading facility will include a general assembly line, body shop, paint shop and logistics center, as well as a truck specialty center, to make aftermarket modifications on-site. Production begins in 2022. 

MWM Manufacturing Plant
Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Brazil

MWM, a manufacturer of engines and gensets, has a plant in São Paulo (SP) and a Parts Distribution Center located in Jundiaí (SP). With more than 6 decades of operation, the company operates in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, among other countries. The company's products serve the vehicular, agricultural, industrial, power generation and maritime segments. Today, the company exports to more than 45 countries around the world.
Mfg_MWM new_650x320