Navistar's long history of product innovation includes pioneering steps in emissions reduction.

Convenient, Reliable Emissions Solutions

Navistar was the first North American engine manufacturer to release a smokeless diesel engine.

We worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to advocate reducing the sulfur content of diesel fuel.

We were the first truck and engine manufacturer certified by the EPA for meeting 2007 standards for particulate matter and hydrocarbons—six years ahead of requirements.

Our heavy truck and engine combinations are SCR based and EPA certified.

In 2014, we announced a new propane school bus option, the IC Bus™ CE series PSI—a clean option that doesn't sacrifice power, torque or durability.

A Leader in Aerodynamics

Thanks to their leading aerodynamic design, our heavy-duty vehicles continue to be among the most fuel-efficient products on the road.

Our International® ProStar® long haul vehicle has a well-earned reputation as one of the most fuel-efficient trucks in the industry. We are continuing that tradition with the International® ProStar® ES (Efficiency Specification), one of the industry’s most aerodynamic heavy vehicles.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Our “Project Horizon” concept uses advanced, yet available technologies to demonstrate the potential for improving fuel economy, safety and ease of operation, while also meeting new federal greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations.

Navistar and other commercial truck manufacturers are working with the EPA and NHTSA to make sure that current and proposed greenhouse gas regulations are workable and build on opportunities for real-world fuel efficiency improvements.