Our Thinking

We do things differently, day in and day out. It starts with our commitment to innovation in sustainability, new energy and manufacturing excellence. Because these are the keys to business success. And more importantly, these are the keys to driving America forward and delivering a better tomorrow. Watch Video.


For years, we've been the driving force of innovation in new work processes, whether they're in the development of our category-defining vehicles or in our approach to health and safety.

We believe that progressive practices fuel progress. And for us, product development involves much more than what rolls off the assembly line. It also involves the health and safety of our customers. And the potential impact of our products on the environment - now and in the future.

This philosophy has helped set the foundation for some of the most forward-thinking business practices and processes in our industry. And it's become the basis for our formal Product Stewardship program.


Navistar pioneered the first smokeless diesel engine in North America in 1989. And we haven't stopped innovating since.

We’re proud to say that we lead the world in delivering carbon-reducing technologies. From our compressed natural gas International® DuraStar®, and WorkStar® and products to our under-development liquid natural gas solution, we’re delivering new, environmentally sound solutions - and a drive that you can count on.

Natural Gas

Can we find a way to power our trucks with America's supply of inexpensive natural gas? We think so.

In fact, we think America's supply of cleaner-burning, inexpensive natural gas is one very convincing answer to reducing our dependencies on OPEC oil. So much so that we've partnered with Clean Energy in an effort to remove the barriers keeping commercial transportation fleets from taking advantage of a century's worth of natural gas. And when the time comes, we plan to be the leader in delivering vehicles that use this abundant fuel.


It’s not just what we build that drives innovation, it’s also how we build it. And that’s helping us redefine manufacturing excellence.

Whether it’s finding new ways to improve sustainability in our manufacturing processes or our active encouragement of healthy, safe and secure facilities, the same ingenuity that powers what we deliver also powers how we deliver it.

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