At Navistar, we are passionate about giving our professionals the tools they need to excel. One way we accomplish this is through carefully crafted development programs that expose participants to a range of applications for their unique skill sets, intra- and inter-departmentally and cross-locationally. Each of these programs has been refined over time, with several members of Navistar’s current senior management team pointing to these mentor-based programs as excellent foundational experiences and catalysts for their eventual rise within our organization.

Most of all, however, these programs matter because your career matters. And we honor that by giving you comprehensive exposure to who we are and what we do so you can determine your best internal fit. In turn, we expect your most impactful contribution.

It’s simply smart business all the way around.

While these programs are generally geared toward those entering the workforce, they are beneficial for experienced professionals as well. Additional career development initiatives include:

  • Navistar University
  • Online Learning opportunities
  • Total Performance Management evaluations
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Finance & Accounting Leadership Development (FALD) Program

The Finance and Accounting Leadership Development (FALD) program offers a variety of three-year rotations that provide hands-on experience in Accounting, Finance, and Operations.

Successful candidates can expect to enhance their skills in areas such as Operations, Manufacturing, Consolidation, Financial Reporting, Treasury, Product Development, Sales & Distribution, Internal Audit, Corporate Accounting, Strategic Planning, and Purchasing. All participants also interface with Executive mentors and receive frequent and meaningful feedback. The FALD program will grow your leadership skills and prepare you for full-time placement and accelerated career growth.

For consideration, candidates must possess:

  • A BS degree in Finance or Accounting or Economics (MS in same preferred)
  • An overall and major GPA of +3.0 is desired
  • A willingness to relocate to a plant
  • Prior work/internship experience
  • Authorization to work in the United States without sponsorship


Sales Leadership Program

Since 1973, the Sales Leadership Program has been preparing professionals for successful careers in sales and leadership roles within the company. This two-year program provides exposure to senior leaders, and opportunities to be involved in and support key projects. In addition, time will be spent in each major functional group within the company, providing a well-rounded understanding of our operations and business strategies. This is a full-time position that offers a unique opportunity to grow, develop skills and network with mentors and professionals in the industry.

  • A BS degree in Business, Sales, Marketing or similar
  • An overall and major GPA of +3.0
  • A willingness to relocate
  • Prior work/internship experience
  • Authorization to work in the United States without sponsorship

Operations Management Development Program (OMDP)


To recruit and develop recent college graduates and holders of advanced degrees who exhibit the potential for a high level of achievement in operations management and who, throughout the course of the program, demonstrate the ability to progress to senior management.

Program Objectives

Provide a broad overview of Truck operations with emphasis on developing a basic understanding of all three components, Engineering, Procurement and Manufacturing

Ensure an understanding of the Operations Group and its relationship to International's business units.

Provide meaningful and challenging assignments that test the Associate's knowledge and skills.

Create opportunities for the Associate to develop relationships with other functional groups, and build a network of resources to draw on in future assignments.

Provide the training needed to increase the Associate's ability to work productively, be an effective part of the International team, and gain the skills needed for advancement.

Program Structure / Overview

The OMDP is designed to identify and develop candidates for the Truck Operations organization as a whole rather than a specific location or position. It is recognized that, while Associates cannot receive identical experiences, all Associates are offered similar work rotations, formal training, and assignment to a sponsor who will oversee their development. Common elements of the program are:

  • Work rotations in manufacturing, product development, purchasing, and engineering.
  • Associates attend a series of seminars and formal training classes.
  • Candidates are selected and evaluated in a planned, consistent manner.
  • Associates are assigned a peer sponsor and an executive sponsor.

Rotational Work Assignments

Associates will be assigned to various operation assignments during the course of the two-year program. Assignments will include the following:

  • Rotation Profiles at the following locations:
  • Manufacturing: Providing a fundamental understanding of the manufacturing operations.
  • Product Development and Product Engineering: Providing exposure to the product development basics and cross-functional design change. Work locations:
  • Purchasing and Logistics: Providing insight into negotiation strategies and total supply chain management.

What It Takes To Succeed

The key to professional success in Navistar, Inc. operations management is a broad knowledge of the organization, its products, customers and suppliers. Cross-functional operations experience is critical and all candidates must be open to relocation in order to gain the knowledge and skills needed for key jobs in the organization. Work experiences are subsidized by formal training to provide the skills and knowledge needed for success. It is expected that Associates will gain the following skills and experiences through the program:


  1. Quality systems & procedures
  2. Product change implementation
  3. Operations management
  4. Customer quality perspective

Product Development

  1. Program management
  2. Product planning and management
  3. Resource management


  1. Cross-functional design
  2. Design change approval process
  3. Truck product structure
  4. Government regulations

Purchasing & Logistics

  1. Negotiation skills
  2. Supply chain design
  3. Supplier quality

General Skills

  1. Functional deliverables and organization structure
  2. Product knowledge
  3. Time management
  4. Performance management
  5. Communication & presentation skills
  6. Problem solving
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Shareowner value
  9. Six Sigma tools
  10. Project management