The overall theme of Navistar's new values is, "It starts with me." The intention of values isn't to use them to evaluate others. Instead, it's for each of us to look inward and evaluate ourselves. Ask: Am I committed? Am I clear on my goals and my team's goals? Am I focused on doing what it takes to move our company ahead? Being a part of Navistar and what it stands for is a choice for each of us, and your presence here is a statement of your commitment.

Once we walk across the threshold and into our respective buildings, we no longer have the right to be unresponsive to a customer, or to walk away from a co-worker who needs help, or to say, "It's not my job."

Instead, we need to respond and make the tough calls that are necessary to help the Navistar family move in the right direction. Each of us needs to know where we're headed, and be determined to help the company get there.

It starts with me.