The marriage of global vision with local precision allows us to move the goods that move the world. And at the meeting points of development and delivery, of innovation and execution – and all points within the complex continuum of the Navistar universe – there are people.

Individuals with rich talent and even greater commitment.

From engineering and IT to sales and human resources, each of our various disciplines is integral to our success. In fact, it’s common for our team members to collaborate cross-functionally to develop better ideas through new perspectives. Combine this with an unmatched commitment to workforce diversity, and the reason for our industry stature becomes clear.


At Navistar, brilliant engineering is our competitive advantage. From mechanical and electrical engineering to foundry, aerodynamics and acoustics, our engineers are continually setting new industry standards. And whether they’re responsible for designing, prototyping, developing, validating, modifying or upgrading, their impact goes far beyond our P&L margins. In fact, the lives of the nation’s children (buses), the goods of its economy (trucks and engines) and the security of its troops (military/defense vehicles) depend, in part, upon their work.

So we look for more than talent. Though our engineering opportunities span all experience levels – from college internships to senior-level roles – and virtually all engineering disciplines, the shared ground for each of our engineers is a genuine dedication to innovation and continual improvement.

Finance & Accounting

Professionals with an aptitude for numbers – and how they reflect upon divisional projects and overall corporate strategy – are integral to our success. Our accounting and finance professionals are responsible for planning and forecasting, for compliance and continuous improvement. They are savvy in manipulating data to uncover new business opportunities and participate in divisional budgeting. In short, they’re accountable for more than month-end closes. Meanwhile, there’s greater opportunity to explore their fullest potential.

We seek professionals who recognize this as a rewarding trade-off. Opportunities are available for interns and for people newer to the workforce (explore our Finance & Accounting Leadership Development program).


For those in earlier stages of their sales careers, we offer a comprehensive, two-year development program that provides superior training and exposure to the inner workings of Navistar, its product lines, distribution channels, retail transactional environment, and dealership operation. For those more seasoned in their sales careers, we provide diverse opportunities in strategic growth, national accounts, and division sales.


At Navistar, operations professionals are empowered to take their talents, knowledge, and ideas and apply them to innovative, large-scale projects that have a lasting, positive effect on our nation’s quality of life. To the experienced operations professional, we offer opportunities to expand skill sets, implement leadership capabilities, collaborate with other bright minds, arrive at ingenious transportation solutions, and advance in intriguing new directions.

For those in the earlier stages of their careers, we invest significant time and resources in our various development programs to produce professionals fully schooled in our business and ready for management. Our Operations Management Development Program provides 6-month rotations through Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Development, Materials Management, and Purchasing & Logistics and gives exposure to suppliers, dealers, customers, and cross-functional, internal organizations. However, our operations opportunities do not end there. We provide a full suite of careers in warehousing and distribution at all levels – solid careers, rewarding careers.

Information Technology

At Navistar, information technology drives our organization forward. Whether maintaining critical infrastructures; designing innovative, scalable and integrated systems; or developing IT strategies, standards, methodologies and models, our IT professionals impact the Navistar enterprise in fundamental ways. We believe in empowering our systems people – to uncover better solutions – and we invest heavily in both their professional development and the latest technology innovations so they derive the greatest possible satisfaction from their work.

Supply Chain

Moving our products according to just-in-time (JIT) best-practices requires superior Supply Chain and Logistics division talent. Because this is such a critical aspect of our product offering, we rely on the abilities of a wide variety of professionals. Experienced individuals can take the lead in perfecting existing processes and explore the potential for new, more efficient methods. They have access to comprehensive training and advancement programs, global resources, and well-defined career paths.

More recent graduates who are perfecting their skills can participate in two separate development programs – OMDP and PLDP – that touch on complementary elements of the overall function and prepare newer workers for management-level opportunities. And these opportunities are as broad as the exposure participants receive. Once the program is complete, they can follow their passions and join up with divisions that matter most to them. For college students, we offer dynamic internships, while seasoned professionals enjoy numerous leadership opportunities that challenge even as they reward.


Our marketing professionals strategize and analyze, conceptualize, communicate, and compel. Wherever the Navistar name is known, there has been significant talent behind the awareness – and we’re known virtually everywhere through our various brands.

Perhaps the best part is that our products already enjoy powerful market share – where outstanding technology and innovation make their own arguments. Our marketing teams simply shepherd the promises of the products themselves. This takes discernment and savvy, however, and no ordinary number crunching or turn of phrase will get this vital responsibility accomplished. We seek grounded, yet creative professionals who have the business acumen to enhance our leadership stature.

Human Resources

From change management to sourcing and employee relations, our Human Resources team is responsible for our organization’s most valuable asset – our people. Organizationally, we understand that without people who ascribe to our values and can live them out before internal and external customers alike, we simply have talent. And while that matters, it is not everything. We look for right-fit talent. We also offer the kinds of programs and rewards that make a meaningful difference to those we serve – to our people and our customers. This takes professional insight and a commitment to grow our organization from the inside out.

That’s where you come in.