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Mailing Address: Navistar – ERIC, P O Box 4080, Lisle, IL 60532

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Date Subject Description
3/16/2017 Introducing Tom Cusack (NICARC) We are pleased to announce that Tom Cusack has now assumed the treasurer/membership duties of the Club and would like any phone calls directed to his phone number which is 630-420-0937. He can also be reached at email
4/6/2016   Recently Navistar sent 1095C forms to all Employees and Retirees with Healthcare coverage during 2015. This form is to be used with your tax return and is a government required form. Please review the website for more information. NOTE: The phone number listed on the form is incorrect. The correct number is 855-331-2742.

Title Type Size
Monthly Retiree INBrief - July156 KB

Plan Type Provider Contact Also See
DentalDelta Dental(800)
(General Medicare Information)
Centers for Medicare
& Medicaid Services
(speech/hearing impaired)
(800) 833-3301
(800) 633-4227
(Medicare Advantage)
HearingEPIC Hearing Healthcare(866)
Life InsuranceMetlife(800) 871-2435
Life Insurance
(Paid up)
Aetna(800) 858-3501
(Medicare Part D)
SilverScript(866) 560-5136
RetirementJohn Hancock(800) 624-5155
RetirementSocial Security(800)
RetirementNorthern Trust (Pension)(866)
VisionVision Service Plan (VSP)(800)

Date Event Description
1/26/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
2/24/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
3/28/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
4/26/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
5/25/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
6/27/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
7/26/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
8/26/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
9/27/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
10/26/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
11/25/2016Pension Checks Sent Out
12/27/2016Pension Checks Sent Out

Organization Contact Also See
Navistar Chapter “57” Retirees

(260) 422-0873

IH/Navistar Louisville Plant & Foundry Salaried & Management Retirees

(812) 294-1744

West Chicago PDC Retirees

(708) 341-7898

IH, J.I. Case, CNH, Retiree Club

(708) 532-7690

Navistar North Central Retirees' Club

(612) 866-6239

West Pullman Retirees Club

Erwin Bogs
(708) 534-8930

UAW Local 98 Retiree Chapter

(317) 370-4510

Local Soar Chapter 2-6 Waukesha Navistar Plant

(262) 227-1528

Arkansas IH/Navistar Retirees

(501) 915-0495

Fort Wayne Navistar Alumni Club (Non-Represented Retirees)

(260) 637-6568

(260) 485-3162

Local 1336/817 Foundries

(502) 592-0976

UAW Locals 988 & 894

(901) 353-6053

Navistar West Pullman Retirees’ Club

(708) 534-8930

MO-KAN Navistar Club

(913) 393-3654

Springfield, Ohio UAW 658 Retirees

(937) 390-9458

The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas Retirees

Carol Cook
(956) 330-1532

Navistar International Retirees’ Club of Sarasota, FL

John B. Richter

UAW Local 6 Retired Workers Chapter

Union Office
(708) 343-8770

The Georgia/Alabama Retirees Association

George Whitley

Navistar International Chicago Area Retirement ClubTom Cusack

Harvester Engineering Retirees Organization

Gail Huth
(260) 432-6736

Chesapeake Bay IH Pensioners Club

Joe Skarda
(410) 687-4244

Local 6 Retirees Chapter(708) 343-6880

International Southwest Retirees’ Club

Wayne Eithel
(972) 231-4297

Indianapolis Engine & Foundry

Marilyn Korfhage
(941) 355-2727

UAW Local 402 Retirees Chapter

Union Hall
(937) 390-3327

Retiree FAQs Show all
Do I have hearing and vision coverage? How do I use this benefit?

If you retired with benefits under the Shy v. Navistar settlement agreement, then yes.

For Vision: Contact the Vision Service Plan (VSP) at 1-800-877-7195 for providers, coverage, and claim submission questions.

For Hearing: Contact EPIC Hearing Healthcare at 1-866-956-5400 for providers, coverage, and claim submission questions.

Do we have legal coverage? We used to have Hyatt Legal.

If you retired with benefits under the Shy v. Navistar settlement agreement and were a represented employee you have access to Hyatt Legal.   You may contact Hyatt Legal at 1-800-821-6400.

How do I know if I have health care coverage?

Please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 to verify your eligibility for health care coverage. If you have an ID card, you may also want to call the customer service number located on the back of the card to confirm you are enrolled.

How do I obtain income verification?

Please contact the Work Number at 800-367-2884. Also see files below for more information:

Income Verification - Creating Salary Keys 2016 (92KB)

Income Verification - Employee Wallet Cards (121KB)

Income Verification - Handbook Policy (59KB)

Income Verification - Intranet Page Content (60KB)

I am a surviving family member and want to change my deceased parents address.

Please make sure you have notified ERIC of the death by calling 877-353-5100.  Once the death has been reported and we have processed a Power Of Attorney (POA) and any other required forms/paperwork, ERIC can make the address changes for you.

I am retired and eligible for Medicare and social security benefits due to disability. Do I need to do anything?

Please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 or Please have a copy of your awards letter from social security available.

I am switching from Caremark to Silverscript and Silverscript does not have my information.

First ensure that you have provided Navistar with you Medicare ID number. If you have, contact SilverScript’s enrollment support line for newly enrolled members at 1-888-613-7030 and give your Medicare ID number to the customer care rep. If you have not provided your Medicare ID number to Navistar, please send a copy to or fax to 630-753-5050.

I found a stock option certificate? Is this active?

Please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 or

I found old checks? How should I handle?

Prior to cashing, please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 or

I have a claim that I want to appeal. How do I process?

Medical Claims: submit in writing to Aetna.

Prescription Drug: submit in writing to your prescription drug administrator. Look at your ID card to determine who that is and use the claim address on the back of the ID card.

Dental, Vision, or Hearing benefits (if applicable to you): submit in writing to Delta Dental, VSP, and Aetna, respectively

Shy v. Navistar: as a final option you may file a voluntary appeal to the Health Benefit Plan Committee, c/o the Navistar- ERIC address

I have a health claim that has not been paid with Aetna.

Please contact Aetna at 1-800-435-2969.  Please have the following when you call:
•        Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
•        The provider’s name
•        The date of service
•        Dollar amount of the charges

I have had a Life Event (Marriage/Divorce/Death/Birth/Adoption) What do I need to do?

Please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 or to report the life event and determine the documentation needed.

I have/have not received a 1099 and I have some questions, who do I contact?

Please contact Northern Trust 1-866-262-9556

I need to change my Address and my direct Deposit. Who do I contact?

Please contact Northern Trust 1-866-262-9556

I need to change my Life Insurance beneficiary. Who do I contact?

Contact MetLife at 1-800-871-2435

I need to change my phone number.

Please contact Northern Trust 1-866-262-9556

I paid cash for my prescription. How do I get reimbursed?

Contact your prescription administrator (number on the back of your Rx ID card) and ask for a Prescription Drug Reimbursement Claim Form to be sent to you.

I used to Work at International Harvester or another location and I want to know what my pension payment will be.

Please contact ERIC 1-877-353-5100 for a pension estimate.

The Pharmacy said I do not have coverage. What do I do?

You may contact the customer service number on the back of your Rx (Prescription Drug) ID Card.  You can ask the pharmacists to speak to the customer service representative to understand why you were denied (coverage, no refills left, refilling Rx too soon, etc.) If they determine that a lack of coverage exists contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100.

The retiree is deceased and I received another check, how do I handle?

Please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 or to notify Navistar of the passing of the retiree, as well as to determine eligibility of benefits of the surviving spouse.  Please do not cash the check before contacting ERIC.

Who do I contact for income verification?

Please contact the Work Number at 1-800-367-5690 for verifications.  Please have the following ready:
•        Your Social Security Number
•        Company code 10487
•        Pin (Last four digits of Social Security Number + last two digits of year of birth)

Why did my check amount change?

Please contact ERIC at 1-877-353-5100 or